MEGT is an Australian not-for-profit business which was established in 1982, and helped been supporting employers, apprentices, trainees, job seekers and students ever since.

As Australia’s largest and only national Apprenticeship Network Provider (ANP), they have more than 600 staff operating from over 60 office locations in every state.

MEGT are committed to providing quality employment, training and workforce solutions that make a positive difference by providing:

  • End-to-end apprenticeship and traineeship program management
  • High-quality, work-ready apprentice and trainee candidates
  • A tailored approach to apprentice and trainee recruitment and workforce planning
  • Ongoing mentoring and support

Every workplace is different, which is why they offer a tailored approach to apprentice and trainee recruitment and workforce planning that allows employers to access our full range of services or just the ones that are right for their business.

MEGT’s flexible, low-risk labour solutions and expertise in sourcing, screening, and employing high-quality apprentices and trainees ensures we place the right people in the right jobs to fill skills gaps and future-proof Australian workforces.

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“At 15, I took a leap to begin a career in horticulture and never looked back. It’s an industry full of variety and opportunity.”

Bonnie-Marie Barnsley
Horticulturist and TV presenter

“I’m coming towards the end of my apprenticeship, and have loved every second. Doing what you enjoy makes you look forward to work every day.”

Mani Swift
End-to-End Grower, Ball Australia

“I have a degree in computer engineering but wanted something different. Studying horticulture, I nurtured my passion with help from mentors. Now every day is different.”

Chintin Shah
Nursery Manager, Wrights Nursery

“Now that I’ve completed my traineeship in arboriculture, I spend my days pruning for keen home gardeners. It’s so rewarding knowing which tree species I’m working with and to always be learning something new about them.”

Amanda Woodhams
Climbing and Consulting Arborist, Botanic Projects

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