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When you grow plants, food and landscapes, you grow a sustainable future for Australia

With a career in horticulture, you’ll get hands on, get outdoors, and get along with likeminded people.

“I’m coming towards the end of my apprenticeship, and have loved every second. Doing what you enjoy makes you look forward to work every day.”

Mani Swift
End-to-End Grower, Ball Australia

“At 15, I took a leap to begin a career in horticulture and never looked back. It’s an industry full of variety and opportunity.”

Bonnie-Marie Barnsley
Horticulturist and TV presenter

“A keen interest in plants led me into the industry. It has sent me all over the world and introduced me to amazing technologies, people and places.”

Ben Scoble
General Manager, Speciality Trees

“The turf and horticulture industry has such a fantastic team culture, encouraging growth in individuals and celebrating diversity. I love being able to work with a natural product and feeling good about my job every day.”

Candice Fisher
Head of Marketing, Lilydale Instant Lawn

“I have a degree in computer engineering but wanted something different. Studying horticulture, I nurtured my passion with help from mentors. Now every day is different.”

Chintin Shah
Nursery Manager, Wrights Nursery

“Since starting as an apprentice gardener 21 years ago, my career has taken many exciting twists and turns. Creating new parks and streetscapes for the community has been the most rewarding over the years.”

David Da Silva
Arboriculture Manager, Victoria Racing Club

“Now that I’ve completed my traineeship in arboriculture, I spend my days pruning for keen home gardeners. It’s so rewarding knowing which tree species I’m working with and to always be learning something new about them.”

Amanda Woodhams
Climbing and Consulting Arborist, Botanic Projects

“The horticulture industry has given me an amazing career that aligns perfectly with my passion for sustainability. I’ve been introduced to a supportive network of like-minded individuals who inspire me to make meaningful contributions and drive the industry forward.”

Elliott​ Akintola
Agronomist and Category Manager, Plant Health and Protection

I love that I can combine my experience from another industry with my love of plants. Some days can be challenging, but I enjoy being able to work with so many people across multiple departments and learn what they do.

Amy Akers
Systems and Compliance Manager, Ball Australia

“Working in marketing for the horticultural and agricultural industry has been a fantastic eye-opening experience. I love the people I get to work with and the passion we have for what we get to do for the community.”

Emma D’Argenio
Marketing Coordinator, Hort & Ag, Seasol International

Horticulture gives me a wonderful sense of purpose and makes me feel like I am a part of something bigger. There is always something new to learn and spending my days working with plants and surrounded by greenery is incredibly rewarding.”

Marian Scott
Product Manager Plants, The Diggers Club

“The horticulture industry provides a great platform to harness technology to solve novel and complex problems, and growers are employing state-of-the-art equipment to make this happen. I love being a part of that.”

Michael Bednarz
Chief Operating Officer, Powerplants

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